Samasz 9 Ang Rozszerzenie Zakresu 2024

SaMASZ's activities are characterized by care for maintaining the highest quality standards of machines.

The confirmation of meeting the highest standards of SaMASZ machines is the possession of a quality management system consistent with ISO 9001, implemented in 2005 and its continuous improvement. The aim of the system is to ensure stability and repeatability of processes, which reflects into repeatable product quality expected by the customer. The scope of the certificate includes: design, production and service of agricultural and municipal machinery, as well as sale and service of agricultural machinery from other manufacturers. Additonally, the company has implemented SPS - SaMASZ Production System, ie a production management system based on the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. It applies all the best standards and tools from Lean Manufacturing, such as: Poka-yoke, Kaizen, 5S, KANBAN, SMED.

SaMASZ treats quality issues as priority and focuses its activities on its improvement at every stage of the production, starting from the machine design and ending with the service and sale of spare parts. As a result, the company is introducing innovative agricultural and municipal machines, tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers, being a symbol of European quality and Polish price.

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