Nowosci Na Strone Www 2021 Eng
  • enables work within -65° and +90° range
  • high durability owing to use of high-grade steel
  • the well-thought-out design of the parallelogram frame ensures high machine durability
  • front metal flaps in standard equipment - hydropneumatic shock absorber
  • absorbs the vibrations generated by the machine during work
  • mechanical and hydraulic breakaway devices
  • protect the machine from damages in case of collision with an obstacle
Ground following bar
  • automatic cleaning with flails
  • working height adjustment
Flail shaf
  • equipped with double row barrel bearings
  • arrangement of flails provides intensive shredding of material and faster drying and decomposition
  • less drives
  • time savings
  • lower load of machine and tractor

Standard equipment

Shaft with double flail spiral (double overlapping) • Clutch built in intersecting gearbox • Mechanical breakaway safety device • Hydraulic breakaway safety device • Automatic tensioning of V-belts • Mowing height adjustment with ground following bar • Rear rubber guard • Front metal sheet guard • Replaceable counter-knives • Wide-angle PTO shaft

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