Category: Trailed rotary tedders

The implement boasts a very high quality of work and a unique ground follow performance. This ensures a perfect combination of material spreading with a very low fodder contamination rate. The power demand starts from 50 HP only for easy operation with small tractors. An additional advantage is the factory-installed headland turn management system which makes it very easy to turn in the field.

Operating angle control

• Patented control system for operating angle and height setting

• The system limits the main frame tilt angle actuator extension

Wide operating range control

• Coupled with the controlled operating height, the three-position setting of the rotor wheels provides compatibility with a very wide range of working conditions

Headland turn management system

• The tedder is factory-fitted with a headland turn management system

• The system levels and lifts the rotors

• The systems prevents digging the tines into the ground and damaging the sod to keep the fodder clean

Ground following

• Excellent quality of field work through a very wide ground follow range

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