Nowosci Na Strone Www 2023 En

The FA 2-900 hay merger is a professional machine designed for service providers and large-scale farms. The new rake features a proprietary cam pick-up design that guarantees pick-up of any type of material regardless of its length. The combination of cam pick-up technology together with conveyor belts makes it possible to adjust the swath rollers for subsequent machines in the harvesting chain.

Cam-shaped collection technology
  • ensures the cleanest and most efficient collection of material
  • allows very high operating speeds to be achieved
Cam pick-up
  • proprietary cam design guarantees pick-up of any type of material regardless of its length
Cushioned catch roller
  • ensures a smooth flow of material
  • adjustable position relative to the pick-up
Machine control
  • the machine is equipped with a 7-inch clear control panel
  • all functions can be operated from the tractor cab
Proprietary hydraulic system
  • drive for conveyors and pick-ups
  • relieves the load on the tractor hydraulics
Hydro-pneumatic suspension
  • reduction of the pressure of the machine on the ground
  • controlled by the machine's innovative hydraulic system
Belt conveyor
  • allows the mowed material to be transported in the direction chosen by the operator
  • an ideal solution for every machine fleet
  • large turning circle (+/- 90°)
  • fixed PTO angle between machine and tractor
Standard equipment

• cam pick-up • control panel • proprietary hydraulic system • pneumatic brake • swivelling and pivoting hitch • belt conveyor • catch roller • support rollers • hydro-pneumatic relief • support feet • warning signs with LED road lighting • PTO drive shaft

Optional equipment
  • sliding plates • working lights
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