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We are pleased to announce that at the press conference during the Agro Show Bednary on 23rd September 2017 we officially presented the new SaMASZ logo. With time, it will replace the previous sign present on our websites, social networks, company official documents, and gradually issued new advertising materials.  

Image modernization is a sign of changes that are being introduced in the company over the recent years and one of the SaMASZ's strategy elements. The still-growing potential of the company, dynamic growth in sales on domestic and foreign markets were main reasons to make the image coherent on all markets, different in terms of culture and economy.  

What is visible at first sight is calm green, related to modernity, stability but also reliability. Green colour means harmony, balance, and the same time symbolizes the colour of grass which is naturally associated with the SaMASZ machinery, and the company's nature-related activity. Also, this is a colour of safety which can be seen almost every day as traffic green lights, or light indicators for correct operation. The symbol found in the logo is a graphic representation of two grass ears to suggest the company's basic nature of business. Rejuvenation of the image also addresses to young people who more and more often take over farms, and make decisions concerning their development. At the same time the new logo stands out positively against the competition. We still keep in mind that the way our company is run remains unchanged, the same as values that have been fostered for more than 30 years now.  

“For many years we have been strengthening our position consistently in the PREMIUM segment of manufacturers of green forage and municipal machinery. Global reach and reputation of the SaMASZ brand results from work synergy of our colleagues, dealers and users of our machines. For us every next day is a challenge to create even better products, while keeping in mind friendly atmosphere and working conditions. As a result of such strategy we get a satisfied customer who then rapidly becomes a part of the SaMASZ team and is actively involved in the development of our brand. Brand which is modern, dynamic, expansive, as well as coherent and consequent. Our new logo is the essence of these values that help us not only look boldly to the future but also create it ourselves!” - Karol Wdziękoński - Sales and Marketing Director.  

The change of the logo and the company image is a very important milestone in the history of SaMASZ. This is the next step towards further changes, consolidation of the existing and establishing new relations with the environment, and continuation of the direction in the company's development involving delivery of modern technologies and top quality equipment. We hope that the new logo in a friendly way will represent changes that have taken place in our company over the years.

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