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July 4, 2023 In our company, a ceremonial opening of a new warehouse and laser hall took place. The investment cost PLN 11 million, and modern equipment for the automation of steel processing processes - PLN 51 million. Parallel to the increase in production capacity, SaMASZ is undergoing digital transformation.

On the occasion of the opening of the new hall, we summarized our achievements: during almost 40 years of operation, which we will celebrate next year:

• we have produced 200,000 machines

• we sold machines worth PLN 354 million in 2022

• PLN 208 million in the first half of this year

• currently the factory employs about 1,000 employees - including 100 women and 250 university graduates

Automation of steel processing

Currently, the total area of the production halls of the SaMASZ factory is 3 ha. The newest, storage and laser facility, equipped with a sheet metal warehouse and machines for laser cutting with automation of loading, unloading and sorting, covers an area of 4,000 m². m2.

In 2021-2023, we invested in new press brakes and welding robots for the production of e.g. flail shafts. We have also expanded the warehouse for semi-finished products, which are then transferred to the enlarged welding hall.

Thanks to the implemented investments, we have increased our production capacity, which enables us to immediately fulfill the growing number of orders coming from 70 markets around the world. Current estimates indicate that orders for grassland machines prevail (78% of the production structure), communal machines (13%) and winter machinery (9%).

Digital transformation and transformation into a smart factory - a statement by Leszek Szulc, director of technical and production at SaMASZ:

– We are in the process of digital transformation and the implementation of the concept of Industry 4.0 and 5.0, the main pillars of which include people, processes and technologies. As part of these activities, we develop digital skills, use artificial intelligence solutions, data analysis, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and process automation.

Sławomir Dobrzański, head of the Research and Development Center of the SaMASZ company, commented on Digital Transformation in this way:

- The effect of these changes is to be an intelligent factory - a "smart factory", within which an integrated IT system covering all departments of SaMASZ will operate. Its implementation has already started; we build a PLM system, i.e. a product life cycle management system. We want to control what happens to a given product from its creation to its natural death. Thanks to this, we will have all information about research, production processes and machines in one digital environment.

SaMASZ mower with ISOBUS

At the SaMASZ Research and Development Centre, 80 people are currently working on new machines. There are currently 40 projects at various stages of implementation. Many of them include systems that will bring SaMASZ machines to a new technological level:

– a system that monitors the amount of harvested crop in real time,

– field geolocation mapping system, including information on yield,

– machine management system based on the LOADSENS/ISOBUS bus,

– a system that monitors machine operating parameters and self-diagnostics informing about wearing consumables.

Over 300 machines on offer

The SaMASZ product range currently includes 300 machines. They reach 70 markets around the world, where they are sold through a network of trading partners. In the United States and Canada, sales are conducted by the subsidiary SaMASZ North America, where 4,000 units have been sold since 2015. machines worth USD 30 million. This is one of the many markets that contributed to the growth of our company's turnover. From 2018 to 2022, they increased by 122%.

Investments in difficult times

The share of export in the production structure oscillates around 60-70%. Last year, the proportion was 65:35%.

SaMASZ also places great emphasis on promotion. In 2022, he took part in over 100 exhibitions around the world. Expenditure on marketing in 2022 amounted to PLN 4.4 million, and in 2023 we plan to increase it to PLN 6.2 million.

Karol Więkoński, sales and marketing director of SaMASZ

– Our activity and investments do not slow down despite difficult times for agriculture. It is not easy for farmers, dealers, or many manufacturers of agricultural machinery. In this situation, I will quote racing driver Ayrton Senn: "You can't overtake fifteen drivers when the sun is shining, but you can when it's raining." The constant development of the SaMASZ company, regardless of the factors and circumstances in the industry, allows us not only to keep pace with Western competition on markets around the world, but also to think about overtaking it - he sums up.

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