Trailed rotary tedders

The SaMASZ hay tedders are characterized by high operating comfort and high work efficiency. We offer models with working widths from 4.7 m to 12.0 m.

Trailed rotary tedders
Przesuń w lewo / prawo

The high purity of the collected fodder affects the customers’ satisfaction with the SaMASZ hay tedders. It is ensured by a close distance between the wheels and the working fingers for perfect adaptation to the ground. For maximum turf protection, the front support wheel can also be fitted, which is particularly useful on hilly terrain.

In addition, the hay tedders are equipped with a hydraulically unfolded screen to eliminate the loss of green fodder during tedding at the edge of the field, and the small diameter of the carousels and the stability of the working fingers guarantee that the entire swath is picked up even when tedding on the mower path without the use of a crusher.

The long service life is ensured by the robust, hermetic design of all oil hay tedder gearboxes.

The suspension system is equipped with a mechanism that puts the machine in a central position when lifting. Tension on the shock absorbers provides additional support.

 P4 - 531 CP6 - 771 C
Working width [m / ft] 5,30 / 17’5” 7,70 / 25’3”
Transport width [m / ft] 2,95 / 9’8” 2,95 / 9’8”
Transport height [m / ft] 2,75 / 8’2” 3,95/12’11’’
The number of rotors [pcs.] 4 6
Necessary hydraulic couplers 2 x single acting 2 x double acting
Working capacity [ha/h / ac/h] ~ 6,30 / 15,55 ~ 9,20 / 23
The number of rotor arms [pcs.] 6 6
Diameter of the rotor [cm / ft] 172 / 5’8” 172 / 5’8”
RPM 540 540
3-point hitch cat. drawbar drawbar
Power demand [HP] from 40 from 60
Tires (with inner tubes) [pcs.] 16 x 6,5 - 8 / 18 x 8,5 - 8 260 x 75 - 15,3
Weight [kg / lbs] 695 / 1530 1370 / 3020
PTO shaft tractor - tedder: no clutch, built - in: with friction clutch tractor - tedder: no clutch, built - in: with friction clutch

Due to the strategy of constant development ,SaMASZ reserves the right to change technical data at any time and without any notice. All operational data and graphical materials found at our website are for reference only. Some of the equipment items are optional and not included in the standard equipment. For more details concerning warranty, safety and products, please contact your local SaMASZ dealer.

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tine loss protection • hydraulic folding • adjustable angle of spread • adjustable wheel position allows to work on field boundary • warning plates • road lights • PTO shaft • oil operating gearboxes

Rotary tedders and rotary rakes
Rotary tedders and rotary rakes
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