Economy of mowing together with high efficiency is the best description of GigaCUT sets. They have been designed to work on large farms in the toughest conditions.

Rotary tedders P8-890

The P8 series hay tedders are perfect for medium to large farms and agricultural services companies. The machines guarantee the highest quality of work and excellent performance. The hay tedders ensure an even spread of green matter, which means that the cuttings dry evenly.

MRG 2-900 hay merger

The innovative solutions implemented in this machine are based on the design for high-performance, clean collection of green crops. The technologies used and the large service width allow raking large volumes of material into a single windrow to greatly improve the productivity of farmers, anywhere on the globe.


The main advantages of the TWIST 255 basket rake are working at the front of the tractor and depositing material on the right side. Specially designed construction and low weight are perfect for mountain conditions.

Over 70 machine models for summer road maintenance

SaMASZ municipal machines have been designed to meet the customers’ needs, taking into account the latest technologies and trends. The reliable and versatile machines ensure efficient operation even in the toughest conditions.

MAMUT 860 TWIN - super heavy class flail mower

SaMASZ MAMUT 860 TWIN flail mower is designed for mulching plant residues and stubble from maize, grain, sunflowers, and also for work on wasteland. Designed to work in large areas such as meadows, airports and post-cultivation areas. The working width of a professional mower combination is from 8.00 to 8.60 m.

Snow plow TORNADO

TORNADO rotary plows are designed for clearing snow from streets, large squares and areas with heavy snow. It is suitable for eliminating snowdrifts up to 1 meter high.

For 40 years we provide solutions tailored to Your needs.

New plant and company's headquarters.

Our new factory in numbers:

1000 planned new job positions. ikona
13,5 ha area for development. ikona
4 ha production halls with parking lot and own sewage treatment facility. ikona
Quality proven with ISO 9001 certification
Quality proven with ISO 9001 certification

SaMASZ with Guinness World Record!

We set the Guiness World Record "The largest area of grass mowed by a triple-dusc mower in 8 hours" - 96.2 hectares.
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